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Ferro Silicon

Ferro Silicon is produced by reducing sand or silica with coke and reacting it with iron derived from scraps or mill scale. Ferro Silicon containing 15% silicon content can be derived from blast furnaces using acid fire bricks.

Another method of obtaining this alloy is to use a submerged electric arc furnace for melting quartz, steel scrap together with a reductant. The hot liquid alloy is then collected in a sandbed, cooled and broken into small pieces. These small pieces are crushed further to obtain the required size. Large quantities of silica are required for preventing silicon carbide formation. Microsilica is an important byproduct obtained from this reaction.

Uses of Ferro silicon are as following:

  • Ferro silicon help to prevent loss of carbon from molten steel.

  • Ferro silicon used in the manufacturing of semiconductors.

  • Ferro silicon expansively used in the metallurgical industry for atomization, casting, and melting process.

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