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Ferro Aluminium

Ferro Aluminium is the amalgamation of iron and aluminium melted and mixed together. Ferro Aluminium is a combination of iron and that is melted and mixed together. Our range is used as de-oxidant in steelmaking, wherein the concentration of aluminum can vary to cater varied requirements of our clients.

Metallic Aluminium is used as an additive to the production process of amorphous metals for the purpose of removing impurities such as iron oxide by reacting with it, but the product of the said reaction i.e. Alumina remains in the steel.

The presence of alumina in aluminium-treated steel can be always detected by microscope and it is well recognized that the aluminium content in such steel is not in the form of metallic aluminium but chemically combined with oxygen as alumina. The amount of alumina remaining entrapped in the steel is not always the same and consequently ingots are obtained which have varying physical qualities, such as ductility, although of the same physical composition.

Uses of Ferro Aluminium are as following:

  • Ferro Aluminium help in the manufacturing of steels for the deoxidization process.

  • With the help of Ferro Aluminium, there is a possibility to manufacture low melting point alloys.

  • Ferro Aluminium capability to carry out aluminothermic welding.

We offer premium quality of Ferro aluminium alloy which is suitable for every possible purpose. We work as one of the best Ferro aluminium suppliers in India to provide our services while maintaining the satisfaction of our clients.

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