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Quicklime and dolomite suppliers and manufacturers in India

Quick Lime

We manufacture the purest form of quick lime. The quality can be observed by its highly reactive nature which is essentially required by the industrialists to carry on their processes. The modern technology machinery extracts the ultimate quality quick lime chunks.

carbon products suppliers in india

Carbon Products

When you need the carbon products put your trust in us. Our experts will provide you the quality carbon products at the competitive prices, shipped as per your needs. Our best in class product ensures the quality you deserve.

pure dolomite manufacturer and suppliers in india

Calcined Dolomite

Owning the mines of the product will ensure you the premium quality Dolomite. Our material is untouched with impurities. The quality checked dolomite will satisfy your requirements at its best. Right from the process of its extraction to its processing and ultimately to its storage and delivery we ensure an unbiased quality.

ferro alloys suppliers in india

Ferro Alloys

Iron is the standard for strength. In order to assure its quality we serve you with nothing less but the very best Ferro alloys. Our researched product enhances the characteristics of the alloy providing it with the quality seal that it should come with to assure you with right product you deserve.