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Carbon Raiser or Gas Calcined Anthracite Coal

Carbon Raiser is mainly known by Carbon Additive and it is used for additive or fuel. Carbon Raiser recognized by many other names such as “Calcined Anthracite Coal”, or “Gas Calcined Anthracite Coal”. The main ingredient which is found in it is anthracite with an attribute of low sulfur & ash.

The anthracite which is mainly found in Carbon Raiser has high temperature calcined that's eliminating the moisture and volatile matter from it. The calcined on it at over 2000 degrees by the DC electric calciner. It improves the density with electric conductivity and provides mechanical strength. Carbon Raiser has good characteristics of low resistivity, low carbon and high density.

Carbon Raiser has the calorific value and it may be achieved over 9386K/KG so, it can also use as the fuel. In Anthracite calcined under the temperature of 1240 degrees, it produces Carbon Raiser. It can be alternate of burnt carbon.

Uses of Carbon Raiser are as following:

  • Carbon Raiser is used as carbon additive in steel industry or fuel.

  • Carbon Raiser is the best substitute to refine coke or stone grinds.

  • Mainly Carbon Raiser is used to increase carbon content in final steel and iron product.

  • Carbon Raiser has burnt property so, it may also use as a fuel.

  • Carbon Raiser also used in electric steel ovens, water filtering, rust removal in shipbuilding and production of any carbon material.

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