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Fluorspar has 51.1% calcium and 48.9% fluorine in its property and its pure form known by CaF2. Its pure or raw form is colourless and transparent. The colour which is found in fluorspar is generated by impurities of crystal structure. To use fluorspar for commercial purpose, need to know its acid-grade, metallurgical grade and ceramic grade according to its quality and specification.

Fluorspar is also known by fluorite and its transpire in different geological environments. Crude or beneficiated mined and milled used commercially in the form of Fluorspar which contemplates of the mineral fluorite (calcium fluoride).

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Uses of Fluorspar are as following:

  • Fluorspar is used for manufacturing of primarily hydrofluoric acid (HF) and aluminium fluoride (AlF3).

  • Fluorspar is mainly used in manufacturing of welding flux and electrodes for shield arc welding.

  • Fluorspar is also used in the production of aluminium, steel, ceramics and enamels.

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