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Carbon Products or Calcined Petroleum Coke

Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC) is produced from calcining raw petroleum coke (RPC). It is a critical ingredient in the production of aluminium. NBN Minerals provides the calcined petroleum coke at some of the most competitive rates, with the goal of constantly delivering the best service to our customers.

We manufacture Calcined Petroleum Coke by delayed coking of residues obtained from crude oil distillation units of Oil Refineries is called Green or Raw Petroleum Coke. The said Green or Raw Petroleum Coke is then calcined at a temperature of 1200 degree celsius to 1300 degree celsius.

We work our best as one of the leading carbon products suppliers in India to provide our clients with the best quality CPC.

Carbon forms softest material which is known as graphite and the hardest substance which produce by carbon is diamond. The most common and famous product of carbon is Amorphous Carbon, Graphite, and Diamond.

Carbon graphite colour is black/steel-gray and its texture is very soft or greased. Graphite has a hexagonal molecular structure.

Uses of Carbon Product (Graphite) are as following:

  • Carbon Product (Graphite) is used to manufacture dry-cell batteries, carbon electrodes, plates and brushes in the electrical industry.

  • Carbon Product (synthetic graphite) used to make lab crucibles.

  • Carbon Product (Graphite) also used in paints and pencils making industries.

We offer the best quality graphite in India. Our Carbon graphite is supply across India. We always satisfied our client via our products. If you want to purchase it then, contact us we are the supplier of graphite and carbon products.

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