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Calcined Dolomite

Calcined Dolomite is also known as calcium magnesium oxide. The dolomite powder specification is as follows: When dolomite is calcined at very high temperatures according to the dolomite powder specification, it turns into Calcined Dolomite. It is used in fields such as the Glass Industry, Iron and Steel Industry, Ore concentration etc.

Calcined Dolomite is used in the iron and steel industry, specifically in scorifiers and refractory lining protectors, in agriculture as a soil conditioner and in the environmental sector in water treatment, among others.

Uses of Calcined Dolomite are as following:

  • Calcined Dolomite use in the construction industry, its crushed and sized for road base material.

  • Calcined Dolomite use in the chemical industry for acid neutralization.

  • Calcined Dolomite use as magnesia (MgO) and help in the production of glass, bricks, and ceramics.

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